FRP Door Frames

FRP Door Frames

Product Specification - FRP Frame


Providing and fixing of factory made Fiberglass Reinforced plastic (FRP) Door Frames of “Fibreways” brand or equivalent having three legged of cross – section 90 mm x 45 mm having single rebate of 32 mm x 15 mm to receive shutter of 30 mm thickness. The laminate doorframe molded with fire retardant grade unsaturated polyester resin and chopped mat. Doorframe laminate shall be 2 mm thick and shall be filled with suitable wooden block in all the three legs. The frame shall be covered with fiberglass from all sides. M.S. stay shall be provided at the bottom to steady the frame.


Note: As per IS : 14856, CPWD, DSR – 2014, DGMAP-E-in-C’s Branch (Defence), MES- Kolkatta Command, Kolkatta.


Advantages of FRP Door Shutter & Frame


• Single Casted with no Joints: FRP door shutters are casted in one single piece (Monolithically casted) hence leaving no scope for any water, moisture, insects, dusts etc. to seep inside the door and pose problem towards maintenance or bad smell. FRP doors are the only doors, which can be made in single piece, unlike PVC, wood or metallic doors.
• Maintenance Free: FRP door shutters are made with inbuilt color, single piece casting and smooth glossy finish hence practically requires no maintenance except for cleaning with plain cloth once in a while or cleaning with soap water. Moreover as the doors are made with inbuilt color, it has very long live without fading of color and requires no repainting over regular interval, unlike PVC, wooden or metallic door.
• Very Long Life: FRP as a material is very tough & rigid and resistant to extreme of weather and there is no aging of the material as a result it retains the same luster, strength and rigidity over a very long period, unlike PVC, wooden or metallic doors.
• Resistant to weathering & UV exposure as the FRP door are UV stabilized.
• Corrosion resistant: Excellent water and chemical resistance. As the toilet door shutters are constantly exposed to water & acid being used for cleaning, FRP as a material are the most suited for this, unlike PVC, wooden or metallic doors.
• Ease of Handling: FRP door shutters are tough, light weight & scratch proof hence easy to handle, transport & install at site.
• Ease of Repair: FRP as a material can be very easily repaired at site for any local or major damage if any & more over repaired area is not visible.
• Ease of Installation: FRP door shutters are provided with inbuilt hinge slots & proper inserts are being provided in the door & are fixed & installed by any normal carpenter.
• Good electrical & thermal properties.
• Good aesthetic appeal, strength, durability, waterproof & are termite proof.
• Good dimensional stability at high temperature unlike PVC or wood.
• Can resist very high impact strength, which is evident by its application in various fields of automobiles, railways, boats, aircrafts and defense etc.
• Excellent mechanical, physical and biological properties.
• Advantageous strength / weight ratio and rigidity.
• Moulding size virtually unlimited.
• Considerable design versatility.
• Choice of wide range of inbuilt colour - maintenance free finishes.
• Fire retardant.
• Excellent screw holding capacity of the FRP Door Shutters due to proper wooden insert being provided in the design.



Strength Properties




As Per

Acceptable Value


Fiber glass Content

IS : 1172 -1975

Not less than 25%


Barcoal Hardness

ASTM: D2583-1987

Not less than 26 BIU
When tested on the face of laminate finished with gel coat


Ultimate Tensile Unit

BS: 4994 -1973

Not less than 150 N/mm
Per Kg/m² of glass.


Tensile Unit Modules

 IS : 3268 –1978

Not less them 6500 N/ mm
Per Kg/m².


Flexural Strength

IS : 178 -1975

Not less than 110 N/mm².


Flexural Modulus

IS : 178 -1975

Not less than 7000 N/mm²


Izod Impact

IS : 180 -1982

Not less than 10 J/cm.


Water Absorption after seven days of immersion.

    IS : 62 –1980

Not more than 0.5 % by weight.


Slamming Test

IS : 4020

 No visible damage should be caused in any part of the door after 50 drops.


Impact Indentation Test

IS : 4020

Indentation not greater than 0.2 mm.


Shock Resistance Test

IS : 4020

No visible damage in any par t of door after
Fifteen blows on each side.


Edge Loading Test

IS : 4020

Deflection of the edge at 1000 N (100 Kgf,) load after 15 minutes, should not be more than 5 mm.


Misuse Test

IS : 4020

No permanent deformation


Buckling Test

IS : 4020

  1. No deterioration
  2. Initial deflection not greater than50 mm.
  3. Residual deformation after 15 minutes                                                                

of unloading not greater than 5mm.


Screw Holding power Test

IS : 4020

Load require to withdraw the screw not less than
1000 N (100 Kgf).


Dimensions and Defects of Squareness Test

IS : 4020

  1. Height to the accuracy of 1 mm.
  2. Width to the accuracy of 1 mm.
  3. Square ness to the accuracy of 0.1 mm.


General Flatness Test

IS : 4020

Measured to the accuracy of 1 mm.


Local Planeness

IS : 4020

Measured to the accuracy of 0.1 mm.