FRP Door Shutters

FRP Door Shutters

Green Product - Wood Substitute and Green Products – Preserve Natural Resources – Save Environment


We have adopted environment management practice based on ISO - 14001 guidelines in all our business processes and activities. We encourage our suppliers and subcontractors to comply laws and follow practice that protects environment. Government initiative towards promotion of Wood Substitute and Green Building conforming Products, FRP range of Building Products - FRP Doors, Frame, Sheet, Chajja, Rain Water Gutter are the best suited for the same and excellent replacement for Mild Steel/PVC/Wood.

Approvals & Product Incorporation with Fibreways Brand


1. Delhi Development Authority
2. MAP –E-in-C’s Branch (Def.)
3. MES Chief Engineer Command, Kolkata
5. MES –HQ –Chandigarh Zone
6. PWD – Guwahati, Assam
7. Central Public Work Division


FRP Door Shutter & Frame as per IS 14856 & CPWD DSR/ Railways SOR


We at Fibreways manufacture all FRP Door Shutter as per IS 14856 and the same is incorporated in CPWD DSR, Indian Railways Unified SOR & various Government Housing Sector. As mentioned earlier FRP as a material are far superior as compared to other materials in terms of strength, durability, corrosion resistance, light in weight, ease of maintenance with ease of handling and fixing makes FRP Door & Frame the best choice as compared to PVC, UPVC or Metal Door & Frame.




Main Door, Internal Doors, Toilet Bathroom, Kitchen, Mumty & Shaft Doors for all housing, Warehouses, School & Institutions, Factory & Commercial Buildings.

Product Specification - FRP Door Panel


Supply & fixing of factory made 30 mm thick Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) paneled door shutter of required colour of “Fibreways” brand or equivalent, made with fire – retardant grade unsaturated polyester resin, moulded to 3 mm thick FRP laminate for forming hollow rails and styles, with wooden frame and suitable blocks of seasoned wood inside at required places for fixing of fittings, cast monolithically with 5mm thick FRP laminate for panels and conforming to IS: 14856 – 2000 including fixing to frames complete as per direction of Engineer-In-Charge.

Note: As per IS : 14856, CPWD, DSR – 2014, DGMAP-E-in-C’s Branch (Defence), MES- Kolkatta Command, Kolkatta.


Product Specification - FRP Flush Door


Providing & fixing of factory made 30mm thick Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) flush door shutter in different plain colour of “Fibreways” brand or equivalent made with fire retardant grade unsaturated polyester resin, moulded to 3mm thick FRP laminate all around, with suitable wooden blocks inside at required places for fixing of fittings and polyurethane foam (PUF) / Polystyrene foam to be used as filler material throughout the hollow panel, casted monolithically with testing parameters of FRP laminate confirming to table – 3 of IS: 14856 : 2000, complete as per direction of Engineer-in-charge.

Note: As per CPWD, DSR – 2014, MES- Kolkatta Command, Kolkatta.




Advantages of FRP Door Shutter & Frame


Strength Properties