FRP Skylight Roofing Profile Sheets

FRP Skylight Roofing Profile Sheets

FRP Skylight Sheets is a wonder composite material consisting of Fiberglass reinforcement in a matrix of UV Stabilized unsaturated polyester sheet grade resin system forming a tough laminate in desired profile having exceptional strength to weight ratio. FRP offers almost unlimited possibilities for shape, size, profile and color and known for its high strength, durability, water/chemical proof, dimensional stability, high resistance to environmental corrosion due to extremes of temperature and weather including emission of natural and Industrial Chemical fumes. FRP Sheets are light in weight, good aesthetic appeal, easy to install and maintain.


FRP UV Stabilised Standard Translucent Natural Skylight Roofing and Cladding Sheets – As per IS 12866

- Industrial, Commercial & Residential Buildings, Warehouse & Godowns Sheds and any Open Sheds or coverings.

- In Clear & different translucent colors - Green, Blue, Opal White, etc.



•Industrial Building Roofing/ Cladding for Natural lights.
•Architectural Building/ Institutions/ Airport for natural lights & aesthetic look.
•Industrial Roofing/ Cladding of Chemical Plants using special surface coatings in Translucent & opaque finish.
•Cladding/ Louvers Sheets for cooling towers against harsh weathering & corrosive environment.
•Green House Roofing sheets.
•Parking areas/ Walkways/ Garages.
•Roofing/ Cladding & Buildings for coastal areas to protect against harsh corrosive environment.

Note: We at Fibreways have complete Technical Expertise to manufacture FRP Sheets customized to match the requirements, specifications and application in any profile and length.


Properties & Features at a Glance

•Very high mechanical strength
•UV Resistant
•Shatter Resistance
•High Impact Resistance
•Light Weight
•Hail Storm Resistant Sheets
•Maintenance Free
•Resistant to Chemicals
•Size Flexibility
•Durable & Long Life
•Environment Friendly
•Dimension Stability
•Excellent Corrosion Resistance
•Low Thermal Conductivity
•Ease in handling & Installation
•Excellent Light Diffusion & Light Transmission
•Excellent Weather & Temperature Resistance
•Thermal Movement matching to any kind of RCC or Pre-Engineered Building system

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