FRP Pre Engineered Building Systems

FRP Pre Engineered Building Systems

Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) were conceptualised and introduced into the Steel Building industry to implement fast design, fabrication, delivery & erection of low rise structures which are easy to handle and very cost effective. They feature a structural steel framework concept of primary framing systems/members, secondary framing systems/members, duly covered with roofing & cladding sheeting connected to each other.



Primary framing consists of columns and rafters with tapered web and variable flanges. These are manufactured by welding together cut plates to form the desired frame I- sections. The tapered sections are welded at factory/ bolted at site at splices to form the desired frame profile. These frames in PEB are normally moment resisting frames with fixed or pinned bases as mandated by the design.



Secondary framing consists of elements which support the roof and wall sheeting and transfer load to the primary framing. These include roof purlins, wall girts, eave struts, clips, etc. which has minimum yield strength of 345 Mpa.

Purlins and girts shall be cold formed Z sections, 120-300 mm deep with 50-100 mm flanges with a thickness of 1.52 – 2.5 mm, these are fixed to the top flanges of the rafters by means of clips welded to the rafters, and the purlin web bolted to the clips. Purlin ends overlap to act as continuous beams.

Wall girts are cold formed Z sections, with depth of 150-250 mm and having thickness 1.5-2.5 mm which are fixed to the outer flange of the side wall columns by means of clips welded to the column and girt web bolted to the clips.


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