PVC Door Shutters & Frames

PVC Door Shutters & Frames

PVC Solid Foam Sheet - Doors & Frames


Among various options for wood substitutes doors, technically Fiberglass door Shutter and frame are much superior alternative as compared to any of the wood/ mild steel substitute material like PVC, UPVC, WPVC etc. Door Shutters and frame in PVC & UPVC have emerged as second alternative to wooden doors. As PVC material can be recycled, most of the manufacturers have stopped using virgin material as a result the quality of PVC Door & Frame has deteriorated and the life and durability of the product is very poor.
Among the various materials and options available for manufacturing of PVC Door Shutter & Frame, 5 mm thick PVC foam sheets are relatively durable for manufacturing of the same. Product Specification as per CPWD, DSR/Railways are given below.


PVC Solid Foam Sheet Door

Providing & Fixing 30 mm thick “Fibreways” brand Factory made Solid PVC Door Shutter Consisting of Frame made out of M.S. tubes of 19 gauge thickness and size of 19 x 19 mm for styles, top & bottom rails. M.S. Frame shall have a coat of steel primers of approved make and manufacture. M.S. frame covered with 5 mm thick heat molded “Fibreways” PVC ‘C’ channel of Size 30 mm thickness, 70 mm width out of which 50 mm shall be flat and 20 mm shall be tapered in 45° angle on either side forming styles; and 5 mm thick, 95 mm wide PVC Sheet out of which 75 mm shall be flat and 20 mm shall be tapered in 45° on the inner side to form top and bottom rail and 115 mm wide PVC Sheet out of which 75mm shall be flat and 20 mm shall be tapered on both sides to form lock rail. Top, bottom and lock rail shall be provided either side of the panel. 10mm (5 mm x 2 mm) thick, 20 mm wide cross PVC sheet shall be provided as gap insert for top rail & bottom rail. Paneling of 5 mm thick solid sheet to be fitted in the M.S. Frame welded/ sealed to the styles & rails with 7 mm (5 mm + 2 mm) thick x 15 mm wide PVC Sheet beading on inner side, and joined together with solvent cement adhesive etc. An additional 5 mm thick PVC strip of 20 mm width is to be stuck on the interior side of the ‘C’ channel using PVC solvent cement adhesive etc. complete as per direction of Engineer-in-charge, manufacturer’s specification & drawing.

PVC Solid Foam Sheet Frame


Providing & Fixing PVC Door Frame of size 50 x 47 mm with a wall thickness of 5 mm, made out of extruded 5 mm PVC sheet, miter cut at two corners and joined with 2 nos. of 150 mm long brackets of 15 x 15mm M.S. square tube. The two vertical door profiles are to be reinforced with 19 x 19 mm M.S. Square tube of 19 gauge. EPDM rubber gasket weather seal to be provided through out the frame. The door frame shall be fixed to the wall using 65/100 mm long M.S. Screws through the frame by using PVC fasteners. A minimum of 4 nos. of screws to be provided for each vertical member & minimum 2 nos. for horizontal member etc. complete as per manufacturers specification and direction of Engineer–in-charge.


PVC Solid Foam Profile Door

28 mm thick Door shutter made of soild PVC Foam profile with homogenous fine cellular structure having smooth outer integral skin having 71 mm width & 28 mm thick as styles and rails. Joints are made using solvent adhesive and GI ‘C’ sections (39 mm x 19 mm x 0.6 mm thick) or M.S. pipe (40 mm x 20 mm) stiffener frame insert & telescopic ‘L’ corners. The panel shall be filled with 3 mm thick high-pressure compact laminate.


PVC Solid Foam Profile Frame


Door Frame ( Single Rebate) made of solid PVC Foam Profile with homogenous fine cellular structure having smooth outer integral skin having 60 mm width and 30 mm thickness and shall be fixed to wall.